June 1, 2017
The MilitaryWives.com Staff will be on vacation from 19 June 2017 until 27 June 2017.  We will resume normal operations on 28 June 2017.

BJ 'n Cindy


Soldier's Wife

Soldier's Wife

What do you do, when your feelings are so strong?
When the pain just won't stop, cause he's been gone for so long?
When you're left all alone, you can't control your thoughts,
All those lonely late nights spent awake in the dark.
Is he thinking about you, the way you do him?
Or is the fire slowly dying and starting to get dim?
You count the hours, and they turn into days.
But life has to go on, even when he is away
You have no choice, for you both took the vow
Like he does you, keep your head up, and make him proud.
You count the months, and suddenly they're years.
You want to cry, but by now you're all out of tears.
You must stay strong, you've chosen this life
Never forget that you are stronger than the rest
Never forget, you are a soldier's wife.

Ashley Saltonstall