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Family &Friends

 Family &Friends

I look around me each day - at all the people I see,
But the only one I truly want - can't be here with me!

You're going far away - because you got that call,
And I'm fighting to handle - what I can't handle at all!

So many people around me - both family and all our friends,
They're all trying to help - to understand and comprehend!

I watch them there each day - trying hard to make me laugh,
To get me to just smile or giggle - and all on your behalf.

I listen to them all closely - and hear them repeatedly say,
That all will be fine and well -that you'll be perfectly ok.

They all continue telling me - that I must be brave and strong,
And yet alone I crumble - at simply hearing our song!

I hear them say over and over again - that they all understand,
That they do know how I feel - to have my love fight on foreign land.

Sometimes I just want to scream -they really just don't know,
What it's like to sit here now - and forced to watch you go!

They just don't understand - what it's like to have to fight,
To make it through every day - and to simply sleep at night.

I love each one of them dearly - those here for you and I,
But truly they never really see - how often they make me cry!

All think they know how much it hurts - how deeply we do ache,
But how can they know that each new day - only adds to my heartbreak.

I believe they try their very best - and know they all mean well,
I know they do it out of love - but they just don't know this hell.

So I sit and listen to them all - a fake smile upon my face,
I retreat with you in memories - and let them set the pace.

It may not be helping me at times - having them all there,
But they're just trying to show us - how much they really care.

Yet, if it wasn't for all them - helping us with this now,
I wouldn't get through anything - I just wouldn't know how!

(Written by Jane Thomas - August 16, 2002)

contributed by Jane Thomas [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.