Never Pulled Apart

Never Pulled Apart

Hi, my name is Kristy. I just wanted to say that I think it's really great that
you guys have made this website. It's good for me and others in my position to
relate to others who understand. Thank you very much,

The moons light glistening off the dark water which gives it a sparkly glow,
In the sun water so clear you can see a hundred feet below,
Islands so pure seems like a dream,
Waterfalls that lead to a picture perfect stream,
Mountains so high as if the stars sit on their peak,
Skies so silent afraid to speak,
Statues and monuments you never thought you'd see,
Now sit before you as they symbolize how we fought to be free,
You work long hours and you work hard and may not get a lot of sleep,
You have to obey and respect and keep your rack neat,
You put a lot of effort to always be squared away,
To be the best for yourself and the military,
I miss you so much and there's nothing that I can do,
Except keep my promise to my fiancee and wait for you,
It's just we have always been on this path together side by side,
Now it's seems like our path got too small and I'm trailing behind,
In the beginning they told you to "Let The Journey Begin" I didn't think I was
apart of that journey too,
Always Remember no matter where you go I'm always right behind you,
I may not see what you see but I feel what's in your heart,
Because we can be pushed away but never pulled apart.
Kristy Annoreno

contributed by Kristy Annoreno [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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