I never understood or even cared about the people that fought for us so we
could live care free,
I'd go on everyday without one simple thought of our military,
Your in your house watching the news and they say a ship was hit and people may
In mid sentence you change the channel don't think twice and go on with your
But those people out there that got hurt or even died for you to live have
loved ones back at home,
Waiting and praying until the day they no longer have to be alone,
My family is out there risking his life everyday for everyone I see walking on
the street or driving in their car,
And they have no idea who he is and he has no idea who they are,
Yet he fights for them to be free,
And so does every other person in the military,
My thoughts have completely changed and I feel selfish and wrong for never
giving them a thought before,
Now they are in my thoughts and my prayers and so much more,
I guess until your a part of the military in some way you won't care,
I'm sorry I acted the way I did but now my feelings I must share,
I guess you have to have some part in it to actually realize the sacrifice,
These men dedicated their selves to the military they dedicated their life,
We owe them a special thanks,
To all of you in every branch and in all ranks,
Your in my prayers and your in my heart!
Kristy Annoreno

contributed by Kristy Annoreno [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ]

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