Sleepless nights missing my Marine

Sleepless nights missing my Marine

The clouds pass through the sky
Shoved almost by the cold breeze

The air is fogged with the smell of your soapy skin
And your lips will leave mine for one last kiss before you turn your head
and leave me, a proud United States Marine, to go toward the unknow

But the air still hangs on my shoulders
With a smell as familiar as my clearest memory

And I wonder if it is my fear of getting through today that will weigh me down
Or the unknown future
The distinct and real fear ignited inside me by your absence

How I feel…
I feel how?
Feel how I long for you
Tangible images of loneliness and emptiness as real as my fingers creating these strokes

Lying in my bed, once ours
Drowning in my sheets as I search for you in my dreams
Closing my eyes I pretend that you are beside me

Finding myself
Eyes squeezed shut as if I possess the power to create you
Through blurred eyes marked by tracks of tears

Restless and overtired
I don’t find you

In the day I long for night
Putting my sorrow to rest
But I find no solace in the darkness

No comfort in the temporary coma of sleep
You are everywhere, in thoughts when I am awake
In dreams when I close my eyes

Come home to me

Katie for Paul with all my love and devotion