Visual Library

Visual Library

The Marine Corps University Archives Visual Information Repository (VIR) is the sole official USMC repository for Marine Corps film, slides, and videos.  It contains approximately 6,000 roles of 16mm and 35mm stock footage, hundreds of video cassettes, and over 50,000 slides.  The samples below are short .avi files, and as such their quality is inferior to the actual material.

NOTE: Left clicking on the links will attempt to display the AVI file. Right clicking on the links will afford you the opportunity to download and save them to your computer for viewing later.

China Film LinkFilm clip of the Peking relief force departing San Diego
( approximately 236K )
Haiti Film LinkFilm clip of Marines chasing Haitian bandits
( approximately 216K )
WWI Film LinkFilm clip of action at Belleau Wood
( approximately 245K )
WWII Film LinkFilm clip of amphibious landing at Tarawa
( approximately 344K )
Korea Film LinkFilm clip of Marines advancing on Seoul
( approximately 333K )
Film clip of urban warfare in Hue City
( approximately 384K )

These items and much more can be found at The Marine Corps Research Center (MCRC)

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